Q: How hot are Pepper Nectar Brand Hot Sauces?

A: See each products description for the heat scale. In terms of the Scoville Scale, all of our sauces are considered "mild’ish” which means they fall below 250,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Other "mild" hot sauces in the chili pepper community are Tabasco, Cholula, Louisiana, Crystal, and Sriracha; for example. Although a little spicier than the sauces we've just listed, we're not about causing extreme pain so if you're looking for a top of the index, fiery inferno, our sauces probably aren't going to be a good match for you. 


Q: Should I refrigerate my sauce once I've opened it?

A: Yes. Refrigeration helps preserve the shelf life and flavor quality, especially for those who don't fly through it like we do. 


Q: How long is a bottle of Pepper Nectar good for?

A: Way longer than it'll take for you to use it up! If stored properly, our shelf life is 2-years from the time you open the bottle. 


Q: Why can’t I order direct Online?

A: All of our hot sauces can be purchased in store at one of our various retail partners from coast to coast (many of which offer online purchasing). We are focused on whole-selling to these retailers and continue to grow our partnership list to bring Pepper Nectar closer to you. If there’s a grocery store or business that you’d like to see our sauces in, be sure to let them know! A product request is the biggest way to support the brands you love.

Q: Who created your legit branding?

A: Creative minds make the world go around. Our brand design, and a lot of the rad imagery you see on this site, is all thanks to the creative team at Hype Group located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Give them a follow @hypegroup or connect with them on the webby-web


Any other questions? Email: peppernectarhelpdesk@gmail.com